Manuale d'uso Porsche 911 Automobile

Manuale utente per il dispositivo Porsche 911 Automobile

Manuale d'uso Porsche 911 Automobile

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The 911

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The 911  |  ContentsThe 911The 9116Model range20Engine38Transmission52Chassis66Safety80Comfort96Motorsport122Environment130Personalisation136Factory collection162Service164Summary166Technical data168Index178Porsche, WeissachImage 000001911·6·

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The 911  |  The 911We don’t believe in fairy tales like the perfect sportscar.Otherwise, we would have given up work over 45 years ago.The 911 range.Other manufacturers can911 CarreraNot only is this inner strength builtOver forty-five years in theare born out of progressiveon technological achievements, itmaking. The 911.­engineering above all else. Foralso comes from the harmoniousexample, the engines with directrelationship between designfuel injection (DFI), the optionaland practical

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The 911  |  The 911Design icons. Engineering icons.Yes, it sends shivers down our spine, too.The engineering of the 911.Two engines with direct fuel injec-combustion. For the driver, itany interruption in the flow oftion and power outputs of 345 hpmeans a distinct rise in powerpower. In comparison with con­and 385 hp. The optional Porscheand torque, and a distinct fall inventional manual transmission,Doppelkupplung (PDK). Porschefuel consumption and emissions.PDK achieves a considerablyComm

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The 911  |  The 911The 911 Carrera 4 models andthe 911 Targa 4 models havePorsche Traction Management(PTM, p. 62) where an electronically controlled multi-plate clutchregulates the distribution of driveforce to the front axle accordingto the driving conditions.The new standard steeringwheels with sporty three-spokedesign feel comfortable and­provide excellent grip, eventhrough high-speed turns.The standard Porsche Communication Management (PCM, p. 100)with touchscreen and MP3-­compatible

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The 911  |  The 911911 Carrera 4911 Carrera 4As with the modified exterior18-inch wheels and S models withCharacter traits cannot be changed.But they can be reinforced.­mirrors which provide an eventhe 3.8-litre engine have 19-inchbetter rearward view.wheels.The design of the 911.The rear end follows the designSpecific to the all-wheel drivecues of the front. The imposing­variants is the 44 mm widerLED taillights are drawn rightstance at the rear and the taillightEvery element fulfils

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Model rangeWhat’s the effect of innerPorsche, Weissach911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet,strength? It makes it911 Carrera,­possible to constantly seek911 Targa 4Sinnovations without havingto change the car’s uniquecharacter.This inner strength has­distinguished the 911­concept since it began.The evidence? A historyof success spanning morethan 45 years, and the10 models in the currentrange. Each one has itsown character, its own­personality.But they all share thesame heritage.Image 000002Model

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The 911  |  Model rangeInner strength defines characteritself. And for a driver’s individualThese are all very differentThe 911 has always had character.Which one is up to you.and manifests itself in variousrequirements of a sportscar.­requirements, and, as we saidThe 911 models.Just like the 911 model range.of design and lightweight con-The models all exemplify our idealstruction – traditional sportscarof a sportscar – the marriage ofcharacteristics. For another, per-ways.before, hig

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The 911  |  Model range911 CarreraHow often in life have you wanted to change something aboutyourself intrinsically and yet also stay the same?The 911 Carrera.911 CarreraThe six-speed manual sportclosed-type design. The front and­t ransmission with self-adjustingrear brake discs have a diameterclutch, fitted as standard,of 330 mm for impressive brakingensures that the correct ratio isperformance.always at hand.Other safety features includeSporty and imposing describes­enhanced Porsche S

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The 911  |  Model range911 Carrera SIt’s not only heritage that defines character.Values do, too.911 Carrera SAdditionally, the sound producedPerfect road holding is assuredHowever, along with all theseby the two stainless steelby the Porsche Active Suspensionsporting features, this remainstwin tailpipes is characteristic.Management (PASM, p. 72) anda practical everyday sportscar.Characteristically Porsche.the 10-mm lowered suspension.As evidenced by the PorscheThe 911 Carrera S.­Commu

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The 911  |  Model range911 Carrera 4How do you combine safety and dynamics?With inner strength, for instance.911 Carrera 4SIn terms of measurable values:On to the internal values:The 911 Carrera 4 modelsThe performance of theBoth models are equipped within both safety and dynamics.911 Carrera 4 with the 3.6-litrePorsche Traction ManagementHowever, this is no surprise toengine is 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph)(PTM, p. 62) active all-wheeltheir drivers, who see themin 5.0 seconds with a top spe

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The 911  |  Model range911 Carrera CabrioletIt’s what we give every 911 Cabriolet: openness to enthusiasm.The 911 Carrera Cabriolet models.911 Carrera S CabrioletThe same applies where safety isThe optional seat ventilationIncidentally, the 911 Cabrioletconcerned (p. 80). All 911 models­provides added comfortmodels are Cabriolets in theare equipped as standard withfor ­open-top driving on those­t raditional sense: they have afull-size driver’s and passenger’s­particularly hot

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The 911  |  Model rangeHood.The interior hoodlining is madefrom a heat-insulating and sound-Here’s one consolation for anyoneproofing fabric. Noise levelsforced to close their hood on aare therefore almost as low as inrainy day: you’re still driving a 911.the Coupé models, even at highspeeds. So, you hardly hearThe hood system of the­anything at all – apart from the911 Cabriolet models is both light-distinctive Porsche sound, ofweight and robust. The roof framecourse.also has a ligh

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The 911  |  Model range911 Targa 4Remember what your mother told you.You should see something of the world. And keep out of draughts.911 Targa 4SThe electrically operated glassFor an unmistakable silhouette.roof is fully integrated into theThe rear section is accentuatedbody and gives a sensation ofby the striking taillight strip.infinite width – open or closed.The 911 Targa 4 models.Despite the large glass areas,So the 911 Targa 4 modelsbody rigidity is extremely high and­combine de

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The 911  |  Model rangeGlass roof open911 Targa 4Roof concept.Tailgate openSimply press the switch in thecold weather and on longor heat loss at low externalkey. An electric closing aiddriving dynamics with functioncentre console. The glass roof­journeys.­temperatures.­ensures comfortable closing.and design so superbly.Even with the roof closed: thelowers. Now it can be movedview upwards is unlimited. Justback into any position you want.The glass roof is made of tintedThe glass rear scre

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EngineFirst, the good news: thePorsche, Weissach911 Carreraengine is at the rear. It hassix cylinders, and, naturally,it’s a boxer engine availablewith a 3.6-litre or 3.8-litrecapacity and VarioCam Plus.Now for the even betternews: the 911 featuresdirect fuel injection (DFI).For increased output,­increased torque and­increased fuel economy.Inner strength means thateven the best have scopefor a little improvement.Image 000003Engine

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The 911  |  Engine3.8-litre boxer engineWhy it always paysto take the direct route.The engine of the 911.Direct fuel injection (DFI).The spray and cone angles haveAt up to 3,200 rpm, the enginemore output along with enhancedbeen optimised for torque, poweroperates with dual injection; atengine efficiency. It has beenoutput, fuel consumption andup to 2,500 rpm, it even works­possible to reduce CO2 emissionsemissions by enabling a homoge-with triple injection. The requiredby up to 15 % comp

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The 911  |  Engine2234050032030046028020254 kW (345 hp)260390 Nm240Power (kW)21293110340160140300100251126080602204028201800131500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500Engine speed (rpm)15911 Carrera/911 Targa 4: 390 Nm at 4,400 rpm, 254 kW (345 hp) at 6,500 rpm71281801202493802003401655003203006420240Power (kW)174460420 Nm26027330283 kW (385 hp)2801819220380200180340160140300Torque (Nm)2220420Torque (Nm)2312010026080601412204026201800Engine cross-section: 3.8-litre b