Manuale d'uso Crimestopper Security Products CS-2000DPII TW2 Automobile Alarm

Manuale utente per il dispositivo Crimestopper Security Products CS-2000DPII TW2 Automobile Alarm

Manuale d'uso Crimestopper Security Products CS-2000DPII TW2 Automobile Alarm

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CS-2000DPII TW2With 2-Way Data Port Technology2-WAY REMOTE CONTROL ALARM SYSTEMINSTALLATION & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSINTRODUCTIONCONGRATULATIONS on your choice of an “On-Guard” Remote Alarm System by Crimestopper SecurityProducts Inc. This booklet contains the information necessary for installing, using, and maintaining your alarmsystem. If any questions arise, contact your installation dealer or Crimestopper Security Products Inc. at theTech Support number below.*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Prima

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TABLE OF CONTENTSInstallation Cautions & Warnings..…….……………………………….……………………………………….……2Control Module & Component Mounting ……………...……………………..……………………….…….…..…..3Wiring (LED, PROGRAM BUTTON AND SHOCK SENSOR page 5-6)…………………..………….….…..….3-6Power Door Lock Wiring……………………………………………………….………………………….…

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CONTROL MODULE & COMPONENT MOUNTINGDO NOT Mount the control module in the engine compartment or where the wiring harness canbecome entangled with moving parts such as brake/gas/clutch pedals, or the steering column! Thealarm control module should be mounted in a concealed location. The Placement of the module will affect thedistance from which the remote transmitter can control the unit. The antenna wire should be routed away fromany metal if possible. Do not alter the length of the antenna wire

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WIRINGBLACK WIRE: SYSTEM CHASSIS GROUNDThe Black wire MUST be connected to the CHASSIS METAL of the vehicle. Scrape away any paint or debrisfrom the connection point and use a star washer to ensure a good connection. Keep the ground wire short.YELLOW WIRE: IGNITION SWITCHED “ON” AND “START” +12 VOLTSConnect to an IGNITION wire (or fuse in the fuse box) that shows +12 Volts when the key is in both “On” and“Start” (WHEN CRANKING) positions.GRAY WIRE: (-) NEGATIVE AUX REMOTE OUTPUT

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WIRINGBLUE/WHITE WIRE: NOT USEDBROWN WIRE: (+) SIREN OUTPUT (3 Amp Max.)Connect to RED siren wire from the Siren in the engine compartment.WHITE WIRE: +12V FLASHING PARKING LIGHT OUTPUTConnect to the switched parking light wire at back of light switch. If this is not possible, connect directly to oneof the parking lights at the front of the vehicle. European vehicles require separate right and left circuits. Usea dual relay or 2 diodes to separate the output signal.RED WIRE: +12V POWER INPUT (15

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WIRING: SHOCK SENSOR4 PIN SENSOR PLUG/HARNESS (BLUE):White Wire: Negative TriggerBlue Wire: Negative Warn-awayBlack Wire: Sensor GroundRed Wire Sensor PowerSHOCK SENSOR: The sensor suppliedwith this system does not require anyadditional wiring.Simply mount thesensor in a suitable location, plug it in,and adjust the sensitivity. There are 2LED’s on the shock sensor to assist youin adjusting sensitivity. The Green LEDindicates the “Warn Away” level and theRed LED indicates a full alarm shock

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DATA PORT DIAGRAMData bus Systems: Data Controlled door locks, Factory Security and many accessoriesThis unit includes DP Technology it will allow you to plug our modules which operate Data control Door locks,accessories, and Bypass Factory security systems directly into the unit by via Data Port. The module cableplugs directly to the Data port on the side of the unit. Please refer to Databus module manual for detailinstructions.Option #16 controls the Data Port Protocol for 1-Way (OFA modules)

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TRANSMITTER PROGRAMMINGNOTE: All transmitters must be learned at the time of programming. This system can learn up to 4 remotes.1. Turn key to the ON position and press program button 4 times.2. After a short delay, the unit will flash the parking lights 4 times, Siren 4 times, Horn 4 times and statusLED will be on solid.3. Press the Button #1 (Lock) AND Button #2 (Unlock) together on the remote you wish to program.4. You should get 2 light flashes, 2 siren chirps and 2 horn honks (optional) ind

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OPTION PROGRAMMING1. Turn the Ignition ON and press the Override/Program button 5 times.2. After a short delay, the parking lights will flash 5 times, Siren 5 times, Horn 5 times and status LED will be on solid.3. Within the next few seconds, press the Override/Program button [again] the number of times that corresponds tothe options chart below. Siren and/or optional horn should chirp for each press.4. When you get to the desired option number, quickly press the appropriate button on the remote

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OPTION PROGRAMMINGNOTE: Options can be instantly restored to Factory Default Values.To restore default values:Perform step #1 (See page 10), then press buttons (1+2) together. The siren and horn will chirp 4times and lights will flash 4 times. Turn OFF Ignition. All programming options will be restored to *Default * values (See page 10).1. HORN CHIRPS / PULSESThis option controls the system’s Factory Vehicle Horn output. There are 3 selections: Button 1 (Lock) = HornPulse only when alarm is tr

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OPTION PROGRAMMING6. ACTIVE RE-ARMINGActive Re-arming allows the system to re-arm itself 30 seconds after disarmed with the transmitter if a doorhas not been opened. This is handy if the vehicle is accidentally disarmed (via the Transmitter in your pocket)without you knowing it. Note: Active re-arm is reset by dome light illumination. If you are using dome lightillumination, active re-arm will not function.7. DOUBLE UNLOCK PULSEWith this feature enabled, the unit will send 2 unlock pulses when t

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OPTION PROGRAMMING Cont.14. CARJACK FEATURESThis option controls the unit’s Car Jack features. Enable or Disable Carjack (Turn ON or OFF) with this option.15. Lock/Unlock or Arm/Disarm with Ignition ONThis option allows you Arm and Disarm the system with the Ignition ON. This is used when there is a remotestarter added to the system. The default is lock/unlock without arm and disarm while the ignition on.16. Data Port Protocol:This option controls the Data Port Protocol for 1-Way (OFA modules)

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (REMOTE OPERATIONS)ONE WAY SIDEKICK REMOTE:The transmitter supplied with the CS-2000DPII-TW2 systemhas four buttons. The button configuration of the CS2000DPII-TW2 is Factory-set and unchangeable. Seesecond vehicle operation for additional information on howto use your remote to operate a second vehicle equippedwith a OnGuard system.BUTTON FUNCTIONS#2UNLOCK#1LOCKFLASHLIGHTVEHICLE #2#3TRUNK(AUX #1)SLNTBUTTON 1(Lock Symbol):• Press & release to Arm/Lock system.• Press &

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OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS (TRANSCEIVER / PAGER-REMOTE)PAGER / REMOTE TRANSCEIVER:The hand-held remote transceiver is used to send and receiveinformation from the vehicle. The Control Module transmits HighFrequency signals from the vehicle to your over long distances.Your range will vary depending on location, terrain, and local RFnoise/interference. This system is not guaranteed to page you ifyou are behind concrete walls, underground, in a large structure, orin an area with high levels of electron

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OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS (LCD PANEL FUNCTIONS SHOWN)ARMVALETDISARMDATA TRANSLATEDOOR OPEN (FLASH)PANIC (FLASH)CAR JACKIGN TRIGGER (FLASH)WARN AWAY (FLASH)SETTING THE CLOCK (2-WAY – LCD REMOTE) button #5 (recall) on the side of the remote control 5 times.The remote will beep and the AM or PM display will begin flashing.Press button #3 (trunk) to go to the next item AM – PM – Hour – Minutes.Press button #1 (lock) to increase time.Press button #2 (unlock) to decrease time.P

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OPERATION INSTRUCTIONSACTIVE ARMINGTo arm the alarm and lock the doors, press the #1 (Lock Symbol) button on the transmitter. You will hear asingle siren chirp and the lights will flash once. The system will arm, the doors will lock and the starter will bedisabled if these optional features are installed. The red LED in the vehicle will start flashing after 5 seconds.After a short delay to allow vehicle and electronics to stabilize the system will be completely armed.ALARM TRIGGERINGIf there is

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSSELECTIVE SILENT ARM/DISARM THROUGH REMOTE CONTROLThis system can be armed and disarmed without siren chirps on an “as needed” basis. Press and releaseButton #4 for arm/disarm without siren chirps.PROGRAMMABLE SILENT ARM/DISARM MODE (CHIRP DEFEAT)The system can be silently armed and disarmed as normal with Lock/Unlock Buttons, but no siren chirp. Seealarm programming option (#8) to enable or disable this feature.EMERGENCY OVERRIDE / DISARMIf you have lost the transmitte

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSPRIOR INTRUSION ALERTIf the system was tripped in your absence, the dash LED will be flashing rapidly. When the system isdisarmed you will hear 3 chirps (and 3 light flashes). Carefully inspect your vehicle to see if there is anydamage or a theft has occurred.DOME LIGHT ILLUMINATION (OPTIONAL)This feature turns on the vehicles dome light upon disarm for 30 seconds or until the key is inserted andturned on. This will provide illuminated entry to your vehicle at night or in d

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CARJACK PROTECTION FEATURESACTIVE CARJACKThis feature provides Active Carjack protection and must be enabled before use through Alarm programming option(14) See page 10. When the Ignition is on (vehicle is running), press and hold button #3 (AUX) for 3 seconds. Parkinglights will flash TWICE to confirm the Carjack countdown sequence. LED begins to flash slowly. 90 Seconds later, theunit will begin a Carjack Cycle consisting of 20 seconds of pre-warning chirps turning into a full system activatio